Viewlondon's Best And Worst

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Viewlondon's Best And Worst

Viewlondon ("unbiased, insightful and compelling information on what’s hot and what’s not in the capital") have published the results of their readers survey on the Best and Worst Places in London, and the results are, well, a bit weird actually.

Take the list of the capital's five worst restaurants:

1. McDonald's

2. Ask

3. Pizza Express

4. Angus Steak House

5. Nando's

McDonald's we can accept, even though comparing it to places like Hakkasan and Nobu (who appear in the five best restaurants list) is hardly useful, but Ask and Pizza Express? How good are people expecting mid-priced, convenience pizza to be? Everyone knows that Angus Steak House is a culinary hellhole but you'd have to be a bit of a knobhead to really criticise a Pizza Express pizza. It's pizza for Gods' sake.

Surely there's plenty of crappy restaurants out there charging astronomical prices for sub-standard faux-gourmet crap that deserve to highlighted in surveys like this?

And then there's the five worst bars. All Bar One? Yep justified. Walkabout? We can only imagine. Tiger Tiger? Eugh. O's Bar in Crouch End? Er...

...What the hell is O's Bar of Crouch End? Turns out the manager of O's is asking the same question in this article in the local paper:

I think it is ridiculous. Everyone else who was mentioned was part of a big chain and really well known. Then this place in Crouch End pops up. There was something very strange about it.

I didn't pay too much attention to it, we are all very busy here as the place gets ready to be sold. The more I say about it, the more we tie ourselves to it. It's just a stupid internet poll.

Has someone been manipulating the voting maybe? Very strange. Although we doubt anyone will take too much notice, especially as Walkabout was also voted 'Best Place To Pull' and the Natural History Museum made it into the list of 'Worst Museums'.

Last Updated 15 March 2006