The Yellow Stripes Update

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The Yellow Stripes Update

Since we posted about the little 'fall out' between Jack 'The Lad' White and Billy 'Grown Up' Childish and a certain 'poster altercation', the Aquarium Gallery has added an update on what's happening.

Contrary to some press reports the White Stripes are not suing us and neither are we an East London Gallery. We're West Central... or Bloomsbury if you want to be posh about it.

What the White Stripes did do was ask eBay to remove our glorious fine art poster auction as they claimed it infringed their intellectual copyright. eBay complied and removed the auction because it's easier for them to do that than look into individual cases or think about anything.

This poster of course is our creation and ours to sell, so that's exactly what we're going to do. The posters are now back on eBay except with an artist's impression of Jack 'whingy' White pictured where the photograph used to be. This is purely to stop the White Stripes pulling the same stunt again and not an admission that the fragment of a photo we've used makes the poster their property. It also means you'll now be bidding on two posters, the original and the eBay IC Aversion Version. This time it's also a Dutch Auction with all 10 posters available at the same time and the price only starts going up once there are 10+ bids.

Further more... Just in case Jack 'whingy' White is being so unsporting about the whole thing because he thinks he should be getting some of the mountains of cash we're going to make out of this auction, I'm going to let him have the gallery's share of it. Yes that's right... we'll split the wadge of dosh straight down the middle between the two foes and Jack's money will be converted into solid gold, put it in a pot, and we'll keep it here at the gallery do he can collect it when he's next in London. Seems fair to me.

We look forward to hearing about what happens when Jack goes to collect.

Last Updated 16 March 2006