The Best Bit of Beaming Since Gail Porter's Bum

By Talia Last edited 156 months ago
The Best Bit of Beaming Since Gail Porter's Bum

The Gorillaz are a good thing. Firstly, the music is pretty swanky and secondly, we get to enjoy Damon Albarn without having to actually look at him.

We also really like the colourful delights of the National Theatre's front projection as you cross the Thames, being particularly fond of the purple.

So imagine our delight when we hear that the Gorillaz & the National Theatre are coming together in a whole big projection bonanza.

Jamie Hewlett, the man behind the Gorillaz animations, has been nominated as Designer of the Year and to celebrate beaming action will be occuring.

The videos for Dare, El Manana, Dirty Harry and Feel Good Inc will be shone onto the National Theatre between 7.15 and 8.15pm on Friday night. We don't know how they will sort out the sound but we're sure they'll find a way.

This isn't just an excuse for Jamie to have a massive party though, instead it's all part of the Inside Out Festival taking place all weekend.

[The magnificent photo was taken from Gary Forsdick's flickr stream.]

Last Updated 22 March 2006