TfL Are No Fun Any More

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TfL Are No Fun Any More

Just a quick note to say that if you've enjoyed all those hilarious versions of the Tube map that've appeared lately, you might want to visit this site quick. Like, before Monday.

Geofftech has been hosting useful, comical and down-right surreal variants on the famous diagram for five years. But now, despite Geoff's great enthusiasm for all things Tube, he's been given a slapping by TfL. They've demanded he takes down all maps and images of the Tube roundel by Monday. So get over there quick, save all the quirky maps and then distribute them to anyone who might be interested. And if you're feeling especially rebelious, post the maps on your own site, just to keep TfL's lawyers on their toes.

We're heading over to Tate Britain right now to demand that The Great Bear is destroyed.

Image from Geofftech. Let's hope his lawyers don't mind.

Last Updated 11 March 2006