South London's Danger Stations

By Rob Last edited 154 months ago
South London's Danger Stations

The South London Press has laid its hands on some figures detailing the number of crimes reported across the rail and Tube network in South London over the past few years.

In one year 8,776 crimes were reported across the network, and once you take out the major stations like Waterloo, Clapham Junction and London Bridge, the Victoria Line comes out as the 'danger line': "In 2004/05 there were 844 reported crimes at Brixton Tube station and a further 460 at Stockwell".

That's an average of over two crimes a day at Brixton! Although that will probably drop now one of the area's key troublemaker is safely ensconced on a desert island. And do you think they included the most high profile Stockwell tube crime ever in the count? Surely that counts as at least two?

As for the other stations, Tooting Broadway is another hotspot with 266 crimes reported there, while Lewisham tots up 176, and Elephant & Castle Tube has 113.

The safest railway station in South London? Canada Water. No crimes at all reported in 2004. Probably because no one has any real reason to go there.

Last Updated 10 March 2006