Red Line Mystery - The Solution?

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
Red Line Mystery - The Solution?

Londonist has been following the mystery of the strange red line ever since it appeared on the capital's pavements; and last week we updated you on the second instalment of the line's development and asked you for your help in unravelling its meaning.

And you did!

Andrea (of Velorution fame) was the first to point out that the line seems to mark the boundaries of the WC1 postcode while commenter Elly was good enough to provide a link to the map below (via the Museum of London) which seems to prove the theory. Time to contrast and compare:

Mystery red line:

Lines combined.jpg

WC1 postcode:


Pretty conclusive, we'll think you'll agree... but what about the two offshoots heading towards the river and the extension to Holborn Circus? What else does the phantom red line painter of old London town have up his/her sleeve?

Watch this space.

Last Updated 20 March 2006