Poor The Modern

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Poor The Modern

We're feeling a little sad today. Chico is still number 1, and after we insisted that you went to see The Modern play at Duckie on Saturday, we ourselves, trundled along a little sadly, after finding out their new single had just been disqualified from the charts.


Tuesday's midweek had placed the band at number 13 in the official sales chart, but rumours about something dodgy began appearing on messageboards such as popbitch almost immediately. On the bands official messageboard rumours are being set straight with what seems like a remarkably honest explanation of what happened.

"A family member of one of the band bought 140-odd units - these were sent out to all their extended family and friends. Another two relatives of different band members bought 50 units each. One other relative of yet another band member bought 40 units. We had a couple of super fans who also took it upon themselves to buy 30+ units each.

All we can say is god help us if we suddenly decide to set up a band and let our batty old auntie know. She'd be running to hmv with her life savings! Bless.

They were of course still stunning live. Last time we saw the band, it was supporting the Kaiser Chiefs, at Ibiza Live at Manumission right in the heart of Ibiza. It was hot, it was 3am and we were rather narky wondering when exactly the 'Chiefs would comeon. Thus there was a sharp intaking of breath when a band appeared who weren't the Kaisers. But they managed to sweep away our intial reluctance to them within about 2 minutes.

The performance at Duckie must have been hard for the band, but they put their problems aside and delivered a stunning show opening with previous single Jane Falls Down and even delivering an encore (never done in the world of The Modern).

If you haven't heard them then go and take a quick listen at their Myspace page. We wish the best of luck with locking their relatives in their houses when they release the next single (Discotheque Francais please!)

Last Updated 13 March 2006