Pegg's Hot Fuzz

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Pegg's Hot Fuzz

We've always had somewhat of an big girly crush on Simon Pegg. We loved Shaun of the Dead, and we think we've nearly worn out our Spaced DVDs. He makes us so weak at the knees, that when we once saw him at a Charlotte Hatherley gig at ULU, we were starstruck and unable to move, never mind attempt to say hello.

So, it's with great excitement that today we read that he's finally announced plans for his next project, Hot Fuzz.

The movie is based around Pegg's character, Nicholas Angel and his sidekick PC Butterman (Nick Frost). Once a bigshot London policeman, his colleagues decide he's just too good and send Angel to work in a Sandford, a small rural town where nothing much happens. That is of course, until people start dying mysteriously.

Shooting starts in a couple of weeks and it's directed by Pegg's longterm collaberator Edgar Wright for Working Title. The supporting cast sounds rather good too, with Steve Coogan, Timothy Dalton, Martin Freeman, Edward Woodward and Jim Broadbent all taking up roles.

The only thing this leaves us wondering is what has happened to La Triviata, a sitcom about a North London music pub quiz (Boogaloo anyone) that he was supposedly penning for Channel 4. If you've got any gossip on this then let us know!

[In other C4 comedy news, Peep Show has been recommissioned. Hooray!]

Last Updated 02 March 2006