New Band Interview - Moist

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New Band Interview - Moist

Londonist first encountered Moist at a gig at The Spitz back in September, the evidence of which can be found here. If you were ever in any doubt as to our commitment to heavy metal psychedelic ambient jazz, think again - we really love Moist. These guys are seriously talented. We highly recommend you catch them on Thursday night (23rd March), when they play at The Fleapit, on Columbia Road.

For now, have a listen to Moist - "The Scrounger".

Band name:


Who's in the band?

Ralph Littlejohn - Saxophones

Simon Hopkins - Guitar

Peter Marsh - Bass

Andy Cato - Drums

What do you do in the real world?

That sounds like way too philosphical a question.

Describe your sound to us:

Heavy metal psychedelic ambient jazz played by a bunch of softies.

How did you all get together?

We were all previously members (or floating members) of a band called Lob, which was a kind of ambient electric jazz collective. When that broke up, it seemed logical for the four of us to carry on and do something a bit different.

Who are your influences?

Everyone from King Curtis to King Tubby to King Crimson. But not King Kurt, King Missile or King.

What's the state of play with the band at the moment?

We're still in the research and development phase!

Where can we hear / see you next?

Mar 23, The Fleapit, Columbia Road

Apr 5, Sartorial at The Gramophone (supporting Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats)

What's the big game plan for the band?

Not sure we really have one. We just like playing. A lot.

Who would you most like to support?

Someone we could blow off the stage, preferably. Acoustic Ladyland?

To which record label would you most like to be signed?


What's the best gig you've ever been to?

Opinion differs; take your pick from The Ramones, Mr Bungle and Last Exit

Have you ever thrown a TV out of a hotel window?


Would you like to?

No. It sounds like it might be dangerous.

Recommend one album to our readers you don't think they will have discovered:

'Geography' by Lob. (only joking).

Why should Londonist readers go and see you?

Because we might buy them a pint. And our music's quite good too.

What's your favourite...venue to play In London?

The Spitz.

...venue to go to in London?

The Klinker

...record store?

They've all bloody closed! (Mole Jazz, Colletts, Reckless in Islington) (non-music)?

The Algerian Coffee Stores on Old Compton Street

Spitalfields to people-watch?

Camden to chill-out?

Candid Cafe

Have you ever been sick on the Tube?

Yes. It's nothing to be proud of, though.

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