Nee Naw

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Nee Naw

There's something about London's emergency services that creates great blogs. Random Acts of Reality has been stunning from the get go and is still going strong; World Weary Detective was similarly excellent (until it was forced to close); and if you haven't got Nee Naw in your bookmarks then shame on you.

Nee Naw is home to Mark Myers, an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the London Ambulance Service:

If you were to walk into London Ambulance’s control room and peer down into the call taking area (otherwise known as “the pit”), you might see a young green-clad man ferociously scribbling notes on the back of a rejected annual leave slip between calls. That man is me, and those notes form the basis of this blog. Since I started work in Central Ambulance Control (or Nee Naw Control, as it shall henceforth be known), I have kept a diary my most memorable calls, from delivering babies in pub toilets to soothing hungover teenagers, via the inevitable embarrassing sexual accident. I have now decided that the time has come to release that diary on to the Internet for public consumption.

Nee Naw has been consistently good since its launch last year, but just recently it's reached it's peak, with this week's It's A Baby!post making for required reading. How we at Londonist wish we could start a blog post with the words "Today, I delivered my fourth baby!":

there was no time to discuss why they weren’t at the hospital yet, as the baby was well on its way. The father-to-be reported that there was “some kind of THING!” appearing “down below” and howled that he needed an ambulance really quickly.

“Sorry, mate,” I said, “but it looks like we’re going to have to deliver this baby now. The ambulance is coming but I doubt it’ll make it in time.”

“But I don’t know what I’m doing! I’ll have to cut the cord and stuff and I don’t know how!!” wailed the man “Please, make them hurry! I need an ambulance”

“Forget the ambulance! And certainly forget cutting the cord! All you need to do is help her get the baby out,” I instructed. “Now do as I say! Are you ready?”

Really, who needs ER when you've got this stuff? (And we love the design of the site, this man can do no wrong.)

Last Updated 16 March 2006