Mum Fight!

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Mum Fight!

We hate to admit it, but this is the kind of headline Londonist lives for:

Mums in punch-up over head lice.

This gem of a story from the Barking and Dagenham recorder tells of an incident which occurred at St Vincent's School a couple of days ago.

According to reports a pupil at the school had (rather cruelly we feel) told another child that "she didn't want to play with her because she had head lice." Following this the mother of the supposedly lice-infested child shouted at her accuser. The mother of the accuser was then phoned by the school and then, unbelievable as it seems, the two mums agreed to meet up at the school gates after school to duke it out. Brilliant!

The argument at the school got so heated, a van-load of police officers was sent to the scene and shocked youngsters and parents looked on as it spilled over into violence.

One of the mothers is quoted as saying "The police were walking towards us laughing. One of them said: 'Is this the fight about the head lice?' I didn't think it was funny. There was blood pouring from my nose."

She goes on to say "I wasn't fighting her. After she hit me, I went for another lady who got involved. Me and my daughter are the victims here."

So far on Londonist today we've featured bed bugs and head lice. A prize to anyone who can send us another recent news story which involves some kind of tick or insect.

Last Updated 16 March 2006