MP3s Create CD Mountain

By London_Nick Last edited 156 months ago
MP3s Create CD Mountain

There are few things that Londonist Nick loves more than his iPod Video (of course, other mp3 players are available!). Isn't it great to have all your music in one place, to listen to whenever you like? Isn't it great to watch the A-Team on the Tube? Isn't it great to download podcasts of your favourite radio shows and listen to them when YOU want? Doesn't it make CDs look crap in comparison?

Hold that thought: With the invention of the mp3 player, CDs are little more than expensive coasters. Once you have ripped your brand spanking new Madonna album on to your computer (Madge being the top-selling artist on eBay), what use is the low capacity, easily scratchable disc? Well eBay have suggested that if everyone in the UK put their CD collection on to an mp3 player, a mountain of CDs worth £52bn would be created. Thats a LOT of CDs! eBay spokesman Charlie Coney goes on to say that people could sell on their old CDs on the net for £7 a pop.

However, Londonist suggests that we actually make this mountain. We could cover one of the more unsightly parts of the city with it, or, failing that, fill the Millennium Dome with unused CDs. At least it would actually be useful then! If anything, it beats using CDs as coasters, don't you think?

Last Updated 28 March 2006