Mapping London

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
Mapping London

With all this talk of tube maps recently it reminded us the excellent interactive underground map over at

Then we couldn't remember whether we'd posted it before or not so we had a quick look through the archives and it looks like we didn't. Which is very remiss us of us and we apologise.

Needless to say it beats TfL's interactive (in name only) tube map hands down in that it actually works, it's intuitive and is actually very useful.

Bookmark it now, you won't be sorry.

And talking of maps, has anyone else been playing around with It's an online app that lets you create your own Googley-style maps relatively easily (although their UK data needs some work but they promise us they're working on that).

We've already had a play with it but we were thinking that it might be fun to create some Londonist readers' maps: favourite pubs, sleb spotting, things like that.

Let us know if you've got any ideas.

Last Updated 16 March 2006