Londonist's Best Bits

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Londonist's Best Bits

In case you missed anything last week, here's what we got up to:

We decided that everyone should just slow down a bit and just take it easy.

Although, probably not to the point where you fall asleep on the tube and need to use stickers to get you where you're going.

And it doesn't get any more laid back than a nap club.

After all that relaxing we thought some dinosaur spotting was in order, followed by some Tox spotting. And we got all giddy over the imminent destruction of our city.

And how could we fail to get excited over London-Japanese bonkers pop?

As for reviews and stuff:

Stage Whispers reviewed The Old Country by Alan Bennett at Richmond Theatre, while Mark took his seat for Pete And Dud: Come Again at The Venue, Leicester Square.

We rounded up the reviews for Dans le Nor, London's new pitch black culinary experience.

And Cogito Ergo Summary did what it does best: put the capital's sciencey events under the microscope.

Last Updated 12 March 2006