Jump Lambeth

By Rob Last edited 156 months ago
Jump Lambeth

God bless Lambeth Council. They're horribly in debt but they still have the time and money to develop Flash games featuring flying elephants designed to remind people to vote.

You see "Elejumper is a very forgetful young elephant. He's only forgotten the tickets to the 51st Annual Amnesiacs Ball. He's got to get on his amazing jet propelled skates and soar across town to get in the queue for tickets!" And you can help him.

Who is this aimed at exactly? Do Lambeth Council really think that grown-up professional people will really spend their time trying to make a digital elephant fly as far as possible by pressing the Space Bar to make his ears flap?

...Our high score is 2.30 miles. We think the secret is to conserve your ear energy and flap in short bursts.

Oh yes, and there are other pages on the site where you can sign up for voting reminders (and maybe win an ipod shuffle) and sign up to the electoral register if you haven't already.

Now, if we could just get the angle of takeoff right we reckon we could get over 3 miles.

Last Updated 07 March 2006