I Want To Choke Your Band

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I Want To Choke Your Band
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Ahh The Beatles... overrated crap. Quite enjoyed the movies though. And they did give a leg up to Beatallica, without a doubt one of the best bands in the world today. Ringo was always the best one simply because he had the good taste to hang out with Frank Zappa, but alas it's one of the lesser scousers in the news today. Harrison.

AN ex-seaman has revealed how he is still owed £20 by Beatles Star George Harrison, after selling him his dream guitar in the sixties.

Holy crap, it was a slow news day today.

Mr Hayward you'll be glad to know holds no grudges which is a good thing because it'd take half a night's work and a decent shovel to get anything out of George now. This does lead to speculation that John Lennon actually owed Mark David Chapman $5 and that Chapman was well within his rights to ask for the money back in the way that he did.

It also reminds us that Blaze Bayley still owes us a cheeseburger from that night out in Liverpool after the Krazy House Wolfsbane gig... wonder if we can find a .38 Special Charter Arms Undercover revolver on eBay?

Last Updated 15 March 2006