Girls Geek All Over Cory

By Rob Last edited 156 months ago
Girls Geek All Over Cory

Are you "someone who is female and has an interest in technology, particularly computing and new media"? Then, by definition you are a girl geek and should probably be spending tomorrow evening in a pub in Islington listening to Cory Doctorow (pictured, although we're pretty sure that's quite an old photo).

We're not sure what Cory's going to be talking about, just general geek stuff we presume, but it will cost you £15 to find out (although, to be fair, they are laying on some grub). If you're a male person who fancies a bit of Doctorow action then you can still attend but you'll have to get a female to invite you along, as them's the Girl Geek rules.

You can sign up for the event at the Wiki here or if you need a bit more persuasion take a look at some pics from past events on the group's Flickr page.

Last Updated 13 March 2006