Geofftech Tube Maps Update

By Rob Last edited 189 months ago
Geofftech Tube Maps Update
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We thought we better update you with what's going on with Transport for London and their rather ridiculous campaign against Tube blogger Geoff Marshall.

If you remember, we told you over the weekend that TfL had 'demanded' that Geoff take down the collection of parody tube maps from his site along with any images of the Tube roundel due to 'copyright infringement'.

Since then Geoff has been Boing Boinged and also interviewed on Radio 5 about the whole controversy. But when it came time to take down the maps etc he duly did so...and then promptly replaced them with links to other sites that were mirroring his map page.

As a result TfL's lawyers contacted Geoff's ISP, Claranet, and demanded the page of links be removed because they link to copyrighted material. Claranet then asked Geoff to remove the page or risk losing the entire site. Geoff has therefore been forced to comply without seeing a written complaint from TfL or having a chance to seek his own legal advice.

Here's the messge currently on Geoff's maps page:

'Sillymaps' is currently down, pending legal discussions.

But can anyone explain to me how the hell it's WRONG for me to have just links to other sites that are now mirroring the map page that used to exist here? If all ISP's took that line, then the whole internet could be accused of being in the 'wrong' !

Thanks to everyone for their support & emails ... they're all most welcome. This is not over yet!


Last Updated 15 March 2006