Friday Premiership Preview

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Friday Premiership Preview

In last week's edition of the FPP, John Hirst excelled himself with a score of 4 out of 5, only missing out on the full 100% through a flippant proclamation that Wigan would overturn Man U in the League Cup Final. So close to perfection! Truly thrilling stuff, I'm sure you'll agree.

Even more thrilling was the fact that two people, real living people, not just Londonist writers pretending to be other people, actually posted a comment in answer to our question! Amazing. Let's see if we can reach the magic number three. The question is at the bottom.

Till then, let's get on with the meat and drink....

Your name & occupation?

Simon Coombs: Changing people's lives. Is that a bit much? Okay, I'm a performance coach.

Sounds like a doss. Where do you live?

A little village called Nork which is just by Epsom RaceCourse

Nork? Are you making this up? Hmmm...which team do you support?

When I was 5 or thereabouts I was standing in the street being quizzed by my brother who is 10 years older than me, as to who I should support. My sister, 7 years older, was in love with the now sadly departed (and then very cavalier) Peter Osgood and had suggested that I should follow those now jolly Kings Road chaps now being bankrolled at Chelsea. At this point, you need to understand that I was attracted, not by the prospect of signing all the best players, a bottomless pit of money to spend and inevitable domination of the English and European football scene. No, I liked the fact that the players all had long hair. My brother, on the other hand, supported the team that had, not that long before, provided the 3 pivotal players in our nations only (soon to be first) World Cup Winning team. A picture of three clean cut, short back and sides players called Moore, Hurst and Peters was shoved under my rather runny nose. They also had a nice coloured kit of 'claret' and blue which I rather liked. The fact that my Brother said if I didn't support this team he'd 'give me a clump' had little or no influence on my final decision. So, Chelsea or West Ham? You do the maths.

We didn't ask for your life story sunshine. Good grief.... anyway...who is your favourite player?

Lampard, Cole, Defoe, Carrick, Terry?? Didn't all these top players come from the Premiership's East End of London team?? And okay clever people I know JT is a Blue but he hails from Barking okay?! Too obvious. My pick? MARLON HAREWOOD. Why? Built like a battleship, quick, skillfull and plays for the team. Doesn't realise yet how much better he can be. So when I finally get to contact/work with him he'll realise an England call up is a realistic goal. If Darren Bent can do it so can he.

Ian Brown reckons that the dolphins were monkeys that didn't like the land. What do you think?

Good old Ian. Have you ever seen a hairy dolphin? I don't think Darwin would agree with him. If only the Roses hadn't taken so long over that second album eh? Still, it's not all bad. Check out the video to F.E.A.R. Mesmeric but you'll not go alone on the tube again post club...

Imagine this scenario, Joe Cole approachs you in a packed West End nightclub (wearing full Chelsea kit and dribbling a ball) and requests that you 'get excited, throw your hands up in the air' before giving you a soft pat on the left buttock and then dribbling onto the dancefloor, where he executes endless step-overs. How would this make you feel?

Until I saw him get pretty near his true potential for England last night I'd say it would make me feel that he should have stayed at West Ham and continued to learn how to be the new Maradona. And I dont mean a stomach stapled, cheating Argentinian chat show host either.

Who is the poshest person you've ever encountered in London?

A waiter in a top restuarant who offered to peel my then girlfirends banana...

Saucy! Thanks for that. And now for your predictions.....

Fulham vs Arsenal

Fulham strong at home, the Arse poor away and a Champions League 2nd leg on the way...DRAW

Liverpool vs Charlton

The Scousers with other things in mind, Charlton will have a go but I see a narrow...HOME WIN

West Brom vs Chelsea

The Baggies will be scrapping but will Chelsea let Ossie's memory down with less than an...AWAY WIN

West Ham vs Everton

Both teams have had a little rest. Expect home advantage to prevail with a narrow...HOME WIN

Tottingham vs Blackburn

It's about time Spurs won at home again. Is Savage playing? Mido is...HOME WIN

Thank you very much.

If YOU would like to have a pop at the famous FPP, please email us at [email protected] and we will jim'll fix it for you. You stay classy, London

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