Franz For The Memories

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Franz For The Memories

Poor puns aside, it's still worth getting reasonably excited about the idea of seeing a band of the stature of Franz Ferdinand for free in a venue the size of Koko. Although we're not sure which Koko Virgin meant when they announced a series of performances at the 300-capacity Koko Venue in Camden as part of Channel Four's new abum show. According to Koko's own site they can hold 1500 hardy punters. That is of course as long as it's the same Koko. If there is another smaller venue masquerading as the bigger one, perhaps someone could let us know. Just to avoid any further confusion.

So Franz and Placebo will be playing tonight, to maybe 300 people, maybe to more, probably in the big venue opposite Mornington Crescent tube station with Koko written on it but maybe not. Over the next few weeks such luminaries as Goldfrapp, U2, Snow Patrol, Morrissey, Richard Ashcroft, Pink, Will Young, Sugababes and Maximo Park will all be found wandering around the mean streets of Camden looking for one of the now many Kokos of varying sizes that have sprung up since we started writing this post.

Now you can't get tickets for the Franz show, sorry, you'll just have to hang around outside this time. Tickets are available however for shows on 3rd, 10th and 24th April or the 2nd May, although we can't tell you who's doing what when as we have no idea. You can get them through this site, and if you root around enough you can also get tickets for all sorts of fun and unforgettable nights out such as X-Factor, or Big Brother 9, the kinds of places we can only hope will be the targets for a random nuclear strike.

Last Updated 13 March 2006