Extractor Fan Exctracts Extractor Fan Fine

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Extractor Fan Exctracts Extractor Fan Fine

To be honest, we're really only doing this one for the headline since this is a simple tale of a simple man who was told not to do something, carried on doing it and received a £15 000 fine for his troubles. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Southall restaurant owner, Mohammed Javaid, ignored Ealing Council environmental health officers for a little over two years about a noisy extractor fan. So noisy was it that it was audible from 100 yards away. Sounds like he probably bought it off the set of one of the Alien movies. Now that's a lot of time, a lot of warnings and a lot of noise. Javaid took on the law and the law one (eventually). The finded handed out on March 9 was £12 000 higher than the previous highest fine for noise nuisance. We bet he wishes he'd listened to them first time round, especially as to add insult to injury he also has to pay the council £336 in costs.

Perhaps if he'd turned up to the original hearng they might have been a little more leniant. But he didn't, so he added an arrest warrant to his growing list of crimes. Still not quite 'Acton' Capone though.

In his defence Javaid's lawyer said he was remorseful about the offences. At fifteen grand we should hope so. Perhaps he should sue whoever installed the silencer and fan that was an attempt at complying with the noise abatement orders given him.

Last Updated 28 March 2006