Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • The money pit known as Wembley Stadium is now not due to open until 2007. Bon Jovi, Take That, Robbie Williams and the Rolling Stones have now been cast to the four winds - they'll probably relocate to Twickenham and erm Milton Keynes. Anyone who has tickets for those shows - your band and your stadium sucks.
  • Little setbacks like blowing £757m on a glorified playground have not dampened our enthusiasm for the Olympics. 74% of us think that the games are good for London.
  • Try telling that to this lot. "I don't see why I should pay any money when I won't reap any of the benefits of the Olympics. There are other people up and down the country who are not paying towards it but may well come to London to watch the Games. Why aren't they being charged anything? Out of principle I am protesting and refusing to pay it."
  • The BBC has found out that MI5 officers were on the trail of July 7 bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan but were diverted to another anti-terrorist operation.
  • Police believe that having to record the identity of everyone that they stop is a waste of time and was implemented only "to keep the English intelligentsia happy"
  • Photograph courtesy of furryjumpergirl. Read our interview with her here.

    Last Updated 31 March 2006