Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • There are 170 criminal gangs in London, half of which are involved in violent activity and they're responsible for more than a third of the capital's murders.
  • A four-storey terrace house in a residential street in Woolwich was raided by police yesterday. The house was home to 800 cannabis plants.
  • Five arrests have been made over last month's cartoon protests. One man is up in court today charged with inciting murder.
  • London is going to be home to Europe's first ever six hole golf course. It's in Northwick Park and it'a aimed at the 'time poor'.
  • Natalie Portman loved her V for Vendetta London accent so much she didn't want to give it up. We haven't seen it yet, is her accent any good?

Picture of Lancaster Gate Tube station by avtost.

Last Updated 16 March 2006