Club Londonist : Stay Beautiful

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Club Londonist : Stay Beautiful
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One of our favourite monthly nights here at Club Londonist is Mornington Crescent's Stay Beautiful and as luck would have it, this Friday night sees it spin round for its March visit.

Set up by music journalist Simon Price in the late 90s, it's been through a variety of venues, but us younglings have only known it at the Purple Turtle. This isn't an indie club, it's not a pop club, it's not a rock club, it's a club that plays a wild variety of good music. In fact they describe themselves as sleazy glam, hi voltage electro, glitter rock, f*cked up disco, 77 punk, new wave, alternative anthems and pop trash. Wow that's quite a list, but it pretty much sums it up. You're as likely to hear Rachel Stevens as you are to hear Courtney Love, newcomers Protocol as well as old school Mansun, Abba as you are Adam Ant.


As well as your traditional dj playing music, Stay Beautiful is famous for being ahead of the game on up and coming stars with it's monthly guest band slots. In the past we've seen The Pipettes and Pink Grease grace the SB stage and this week it's the turn of Betty Curse. Formerly known as actress Megan Burns (28 days later), Betty Curse's promo cd has been rapidly climbing up our 'most played' chart in recent weeks. Unless you were at a record label showcase a few weeks ago, this is going to be her first London gig, and we are totally excited by it. You can hear what she sounds like at her MySpace page and ponder on whether she really is Pipette Rose's evil doppelganger. Aaaah Rose.

Now to the nitty gritty. Doors open at 9 and it's £6 / £5 (nus/flyer) if you're in before 10, which you may as well be, given Betty's on at 10.30. After that though, just add a pound to the price. Drinks are reasonably priced, and the barstaff are friendly and efficient. If you haven't been to the Purple Turtle before it's just round the corner from Mornington Crescent tube, opposite the side of Koko. The bouncers here are one of the most rigorous ID wise we've ever come across, so take some ID if you want to get in, otherwise you'll be left to join the much grumpier looking queue over the road for Club NME.

Give it a go and let us know what you think. We're hoping to preview some of our favourite club nights from now on, so if you want to invite us to any, or think we're missing out on something amazing, then let us know!

Last Updated 01 March 2006