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Earlier this week we wrote a quick post about a new burger blog, and judging by the feedback we got it seems that the ground meat patty is a subject close to lots of Londoner's hearts.

It's slightly galling then (but perhaps not surprising) that we have to go Stateside to see how it should really be done.

BurgerClub.org is ostensibly a message board for burger enthusiasts based in New York but when you read comments like "something about the multi-textured burger contrasted with the smooth, potato-ey fry allowed this C+ burger establishment to score a B for it's artistic effort." and "aside from the doneness of the patty, the burger was chewy but juicy and had a nice touch of pepper. Unfortunately, it lacked the tenderness neccesary to reach the ultimate burgasm," then you know you're in the right place (and you should see their Flickr account...mmm meaty).

The good news is that the board has a section for burger joints outide of NY and that includes the UK, but so far it doesn't look like any London meat lovers have made their mark yet. As you know, we here at Londonist are big fans of US blog network infiltration, and what better time to try out your reviewing skills than a Friday lunchtime?

Thanks to Kottke for the link.

Last Updated 03 March 2006