Bungling Boris Comes A Cropper

By London_Nick Last edited 155 months ago
Bungling Boris Comes A Cropper

Everyone's favourite stereotypical Tory, Boris Johnson, has fallen off his bike. The Henley-on-Thames MP was sent flying whilst trying to avoid a gaggle of tourists at a crossing near the Palace of Westminster. He was treated for a badly sprained wrist at St. Thomas' Hospital, just across the water from parliament.

Johnson said of this incident:

"I would like to say it was all my fault but it was not. There was a bunch of tourists crossing the road when there was a red man. It was on the crossing and I had a green light and they were still crossing and I shouted at them to get out of the way. One poor chap was transfixed and stood on the spot so I started going around him and he leapt in my path. He completely went in the wrong direction and I came off."

With the number of cyclists that run red lights in London, we don't know whether Boris is telling the truth, or whether he is in fact the one at fault.

Whilst Johnson has claimed that the incident has "in no way diminished my love of cycling", Londonist feels that after this, and the George W Bush incident (in which he injured a policeman whilst falling off his bike!), David Cmaeron should take heed: Politicians and bicycles don't mix.

Last Updated 17 March 2006