A bit of SxSW in your own home

By Talia Last edited 154 months ago
A bit of SxSW in your own home

Hey, look at that sunset! Not that we're jealous, at all, of all the jammy gits who've got to go to the awesome South By SouthWest Festival. Ha, who are we kidding. Isn't everyone who likes music wishing that they were in Austin this week. It doesn't help that everytime we sign into Flickr, there's some lucky bugger posting his photos from the event.

The most exciting thing for us stuck back in England last year, apart hearing our friends go on and on about it for the next 6 months, was the frankly amazing SXSW music torrent. Using the powers of Bit Torrent, anyone was able to download 750 songs from various artists across the festival. The best bit? It was completely legal. In order to encourage people to see them, bands performing had released music files for free.

And now? We've just discovered it's back for 2006! And there are a whopping 941 songs you can get your grubby mits on. Simply head to this page and everything you need to know will be expained to you. From The Paddingtons to Richard Hawley to Gomez(eh? when did they come back?) to bands you've never even heard of, you're guaranteed to find some gems if you search through this.

[photo from dsearls flickr stream.]

Last Updated 14 March 2006