Valentines Day Activities For The Confused Male

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Valentines Day Activities For The Confused Male

The following is coming from a purely hetrosexual male persepctive, with apologies to our gay and female readers. It's written for the benefit of any single males who've managed to secure a date for tonight with a woman that they are pretty keen on and would very much like to impress, but can't think of where to go. We're probably pitching this to a minority audience, but hell, if we help just one soul out there in this lonely city, then we can claim to be doing our job.

If you're still reading this, then maybe you're that single man who's looking for help, so let's get started. The key word here is 'passion'. We're not talking about launching yourself at your poor companion and ramming your tongue down her throat. No. We're talking about things that you are passionate about. You see, it's easy to pick up a magazine or watch an inane tv programme that will tell you about a nice restaurant, or bar, or whatever, to go to. But if you follow this path then the only thing the woman of your dreams will learn about you is that you're not a complete social misfit and you can follow instructions. Even worse, she might decide that you are shallow and unoriginal and no better than all those other sheep-like men. You need to give this woman a glimpse into the very core of your being, an understanding of what makes you tick, becuase at the end of the day, if she is totally disinterested by the other loves of your life, then the relationship is doomed. Which would be sad, wouldn't it?

A good example of this approach might be football, as there are an awful lot of men who are passionate about football. Taking your date to a lovely restaurant and talking incessantly about your love for Leyton Orient FC would not be passionate, it would be suicide. Taking your date to a live football game however, would be a novel and enjoyable experience for someone who doesn't know much about the game. Plus, there are some great opportunities for intimacy to be had at a football match. You can huddle close together on your seats as you try to keep warm on a cold February night, you could share a hot pie or a cup of bovril or a mars bar, you could even buy her a scarf from the club shop, which if you're lucky, she may even let you tie round her neck. The possibilities, as you can see, are endless. In terms of matches taking place tonight (there is a full championship programme), we think your best bet is Brentford vs Southend at Griffin Park. It should be an entertaining match at what is a splendid little ground and the club are apparently offering a Valentines package, click here for details. Palace and Barnet are also playing at home, as are Millwall, but whatever you do, don't take her to the Den.

Maybe though, if you're more interested in gambling, you'll be looking for another option. If that's the case, look no further than a trip to the dogs, with both Wimbledon and Walthamstow Stadia offering Valentines Day packages. Chicken in a basket. Cheap lager. You can't go wrong. Okay, we're teasing a little bit, but an event like a football match or the dog races is colourful, exciting and provides a focal point for the evening. You may argue that it gives you an excuse not to talk to each other, au gives you something to talk about. There's also a Valentines poker evening taking place in South Kensington, details here.

If it's cinema that floats your boat, head to the Curzon Soho to see 'A Cock & Bull Story' or 'Lady Vengence', if it's music, then you're off to Camden. Are you getting the idea? You live in London, and there are a thousand and one amazing things happening in the city tonight, a few of which are bound to connect with what it is you love about this life. So get out there, dazzle that girl and win her heart. We're rooting for you.

Last Updated 14 February 2006