Three Ugly Sisters?

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Three Ugly Sisters?
3 ugly sisters.jpg

Remember that sculpture ‘The Watchers’ we reported on last week? You know, that bronze trio of square-headed figures that got (partially) stolen? Well, they’re back to haunt us, in the form of three lumbering tower blocks proposed for the Waterloo area.

Dubbed 'The Three Sisters', the winning design from Allies and Morrison for P&O, will replace nasty 1960’s block Elizabeth House. Two of the towers are to be taken by office space, while the third and tallest will comprise residential property.

We use phrases like ‘will’ and ‘are to be’, when really we mean ‘may perhaps have a slight possibility of’. London’s tall buildings have a frustrating knack of staying on the drawing board.

Perhaps, in this case, that would be for the best. The site is right behind the London Eye and close to Westminster, potentially blocking cherished views. Also, what’s with that render? We realise it’s only a ‘working model’, with no real detail yet, but it looks like something we’d knock together in Photoshop Elements, rather than a professional effort. We just feel that if you’re going to go out in public, you should dress for success. Otherwise, prepare for a PR backlash.

In its favour, however, the complex is in an area earmarked for development by Ken, and one of renewed purpose once the nearby Eurostar sheds are converted for domestic rail use.

Detailed design work will begin immediately, with a planning application in the summer. Hopefully, we’ll then be in a position to judge the answer to our titular question.

Last Updated 01 February 2006