The Faceless Podcasts

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The Faceless Podcasts

So, according to today's papers the most popular podcast in the US right now is Faceless, the "diaries of an anonymous London girl".

If you haven't heard this (and, we confess, it hasn't made its way into Londonist's iTunes yet) here's how it works: the anonymous star (a London-based University student) calls up Kiss FM DJ Bam Bam and leaves him a voicemail. Bam Bam then transcribes those messages through a voice synthesiser to protect the girl's identity and then broadcasts extracts on his show while making the whole thing available for download.

No one knows who the girl is apart from Bam Bam, she hasn't even told her family, or friends (many of whom feature in the podcast), as this allows her to "say anything without fear of consequence" (yeah, because that always works).

The content is summed up as the student's "innermost thoughts about men, sex, her parents and her obsession with her weight". Here's a quick rundown of the latest episode to give you a better idea:

Its been an emotional time. Her granddad is going into hospital and her grandma is also ill. Her mum is regretting her decision to throw her boyfriend out and now wants him back. She is stressed because The Body never texts her unless she texts him. He does redeem himself with a cozy night in and he is starting to open up more. They are planning a night with Viagra. She is also going for dinner with her dad to Zilli’s in Soho and is looking forward to it.

We don't know about you but we're not quite ready for 'Bridget Jones meets Belle de Jour' reality podcasting just yet, especially if it involves a woman speaking like a dalek about men nicknamed 'The Body', viagra and calory crises. But if past examples are anything to go by we probably won't have too long to wait for the book or (God help us) the TV series.

Last Updated 20 February 2006