Clooney To Tread Our Boards?

By Rob Last edited 155 months ago
Clooney To Tread Our Boards?

George Clooney might be coming to the West End.

We say 'might' because this story reads like proper showbiz news ("Oscar nominated star George Clooney is reportedly planning to stage a play in London's West End for his next big challenge," blah blah blah) until you actually read the quote from George himself:

"I go to the theatre all the time when I am (in London) and I love it but the buzz now is directing for me.

All I have to do now is find that perfect play for me."

Not so much a 'statement of intent' is it? More a vague, off-the-cuff remark which could be boiled down to "Isn't theatre brilliant?"

Although, seeing as George is asking we've put our thinking caps on here in the Londonist office and tried to come up with a decent idea for him. Here's what we arrived at. See if you think this 'will fly'.

Instead of a play couldn't we propose more of a 'perfomance piece' whereby George Galloway and Clooney are stripped to the waist, locked in a cage with an assortment of crude weapons, and ordered to fight. With the victor awarded the sole right to be known as 'Gorgeous George'.

What do you think? Too weird?

Last Updated 23 February 2006