London's Best Burger Hunt

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London's Best Burger Hunt

We've already featured the rather brilliant London Review of Breakfasts on Londonist, so we were intrigued to see that another foody blog had cropped up recently in the form of World's Best Burger Hunt.

As has been noted in the press recently London is currently being overrun with a better class of burger joint, and with the pubs also getting in on the act we do need some kind of patty barometer to sort the wheat from the chaff (or maybe that should be 'the Kobe from the ground testicles').

Right now the Burger Hunt blog only contains one entry: a review of the carnivorous offering at The Camel near Waterloo (note to Burger Blog's author: it's just Lower Marsh, not 'Lower Marsh Street', sorry to be pedantic).

After being half-tempted by the ostrich steak our intrepid reviewer opts for the 'huge' burger and it duly impressed, giving the meal a respectable 7 out of 10, seduced by the relish (as opposed to ketchup) plus "a huge side order of potato wedges and a sweet chilli dip."

And even though he's not asked how exactly he'd like his burger cooked, the Burger Hunter is pleased with what he gets ("well cooked alright, but not overdone - still quite moist") and also satisied with the lack of "post burger 'bite back' which can happen when eating burgers with a beer".

We'll definitely keep an eye on Burger Hunt (assuming that the blog continues apace) but can we make this one suggestion: more detail please! Maybe we're just picky, but it's not enough for us to know that the burger came in "Nice fresh bread, cheese, bacon and some salad". We need to know the style of the bread, what kind of cheese, how much bacon and what the salad consisted of. Otherwise these reviews might get very samey very quickly (and pictures, we need pictures).

Oh, and can we recommend Tootsies for a great 'diner burger' experience and the New Rose on Essex Road for a truly great pub burger.

Last Updated 27 February 2006