Londonist Demo Dungeon

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Londonist Demo Dungeon

Our more observant readers will, by now, have noticed the hitherto unexplained disappearance of the Monday Music Review. Let us assure you there is nothing sinister afoot in the Londonist music dungeon (aside from the mysterious grey suitcase marked "masterplan" that Ken's been lugging around); on the contrary, we're simply shifting our focus onto smaller fish. Fret not, MMR fans, if a major album release grabs one of us enough we'll still get on our soapbox and rave about it, but for the foreseeable future we're going to devote our attention to discovering fresh talent and giving unsigned acts a break.

This is where you come in. Are you in a band? Are you a bedroom Blunt? Reckon you're the next Mike Skinner, maybe?

If so, listen up. That creaking sound you can hear is the door to the Londonist Demo Dungeon swinging open on its mighty hinges. it's no Chamber Of Secrets yet. That's because it's empty, and we want to fill it with London's unsigned talent.

If you're in London* making music in any shape or form and want people to hear your demo, send it in to us! We promise to listen to it - if we think you're the next Arctic Monkeys, we'll say nice things about you on these very pages. Impress us enough and you may even find yourself in the Londonist Juke Box. Don't worry; if we think you stink, we'll give you some constructive feedback on the site. Hell, all publicity is good publicity, right?

To submit your music for review, email with 'Demo Dungeon' in the subject line. Attach two or three mp3s (max total attachment size 10mb), and include a paragraph or two about yourself/the band. If you have a website, don't forget to tell us the URL.

So, what are you waiting for? Send in your demo!

(* You don't have to live in the capital, but we'd prefer it if you were at least gigging here. Ta.)

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Last Updated 25 February 2006