London Rubbish Not Rubbish

By Rob Last edited 155 months ago
London Rubbish Not Rubbish

To be honest we should have added the London Rubbish photoblog to our list of links a long time ago. Although (from what we can tell) Mark Sheldon has only been posting since mid-2005 he's already made quite a name for himself in the overcrowded photoblogging community.

And once you see his photographs it's easy to see why, whether it's London's buildings, its art, its people or the construction and destruction of the biscuit city.

We especially like his images of London's taller buildings, like the BT tower, Centre Point and this extremely foreboding picture of Parliament's Clock Tower.

Sorry we didn't get to you sooner Mark (and if there's any other outstanding London snappers out there that you think we're missing then let us know).

Last Updated 25 February 2006