London Film Critic Awards - The Results

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London Film Critic Awards - The Results

Back in December of last year we reported on the nominations for the London Film Critic Awards and even went as far as to provide a few predictions as to who might win some of the gongs.

Well last night the awards were handed out, so it's time to see just how we did (and gauge whether it's worth having a punt on Oscar night or just saving our money for an extra large pizza or two).

Film of the Year:

Londonist predicted: Constant Gardener

Actual winner: Brokeback Mountain

We're actually quite pleased about that one. Brokeback Mountain is a much better film in our opinion, maybe we underestimated the critics a bit. Ang Lee also picked up the Best Director award.


Londonist predicted: Maria Bello for A History of Violence.

Actual winner: Naomi Watts for King Kong.

We like Naomi Watts and everything, but best actress for King Kong just seems a little weird. Everyone we know who saw the monkey flick came out saying the best thing about it was Adrien Brody's performance (and Andy Serkis obviously). And A History of Violence was just a very good film.


Londonist predicted: Johnny Depp for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Actual winner: Bruno Ganz for Downfall.

To be honest we never really though the critics would go as far as handing this one to Depp, but we can always dream can't we?

So, in conclusion, we suck at this predicting lark. We're still going to give the Oscars a shot though.

Other Film Critic Awards went to Rachel Weisz (British actress), Ralph Fiennes (British actor), and Joe Wright (British director for Pride and Prejudice).

Last Updated 09 February 2006