Location Spotting: Basic Instinct 2 Trailer

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Location Spotting: Basic Instinct 2 Trailer

A few Fridays ago we linked to a quick trailer for Basic Instinct 2. Unfortunately there weren't many London landmarks for us to spot in there (unless you count David Morrisey's arse as a 'London landmark') but now there's a much longer trailer on the Apple website which gives us ample opportunity to get our location anoraks out.

Obviously no prizes for spotting that the image above is...erm, London or that the two below were shot in the Gherkin...


...But these three might prove a it trickier. We know exactly where one of them is (and it actually featured in a past Location Spotting post) but we're still working on the other two. If you can convince us that you know where all three locations are (and you didn't work on the film!) then maybe we'll send you a little prize or something (anwsers in the comments please, first come first served).


Last Updated 20 February 2006