Ken's Suspension Frozen

By Rob Last edited 155 months ago
Ken's Suspension Frozen

Ken's suspension has been lifted pending his appeal.

At a news conference today the mayor said the suspension was the work of "a few bureaucrats with a bit of power throwing their weight around." and claimed that the Board of Deputies of British Jews brough the complaint against him because of his views on the Middle East:

This is about the general displeasure of the Board of Deputies about my views on the Middle East.

It is an attack on the democratic rights of Londoners.

He also went on to say that the "unstated allegation, the implicit suggestion, that my comment was anti-Semitic," was "used to give weight to charges that would otherwise be too trivial to merit the gigantic fuss that has been made about this brief private exchange."

Asked what he would do given a month off Ken said, not unsurprisingly, that he'd "be happy to perhaps just take a month off and lie on the beach.”

By far the best quote though was this:

I treat journalists on the basis of the way I am treated by journalists.

Last Updated 28 February 2006