Hey little sister what have you done?

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Hey little sister what have you done?

If there's ever a good excuse to wear white it's while getting married in a Virgin megastore.

Guitarist Gary Means married fashion designer Shara Hayes in Oxford Street's Virgin Megastore in what is thought to be the first ever music store wedding. Leather-clad rock vicar Lionel Fanthorpe conducted the ceremony before guests including lookalikes of Mick Jagger and Ozzy Osbourne. Tribute artist Gimme Hendrix played a rock version of the wedding march.

99 other couples missed out on the opportunity, but Shara and Gara seem happy enough revealing that getting married in a store surrounded by people with a passing resemblance to rock stars was "so us". It's not certain whether the happy couple were offered the chance to buy So I Married An Axe Murderer on DVD for the special promotional price of a fiver once they got to the front of the tills aisle.

The BBC also points out that while the London Eye and Tower Bridge also remain popular with couples wanting to avoid dusty old churches, other couples have opted for Mount Everest and the final frontier:

a Russian cosmonaut orbiting earth married his American girlfriend on the ground in Texas, US, via a video link.

It's typical that while one couple is queuing up in a megastore the really cool kids are getting married via a download.

Last Updated 13 February 2006