A Bit Of Architecture For A Sunday (Part 2)

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A Bit Of Architecture For A Sunday (Part 2)

Well, we've already had look at Wembley today, so we might as well take a peak at London's other big, troubled development: Heathrow.

Today's Times includes an article which tells us what to expect from the airport's new Terminal 5...if it ever gets finished.

Apparently, according to the plans that were released today, the idea is to "transform the airport experience from one of hassle and overcrowding into a calming and pleasurable stroll, similar to walking through a square in Prague, Paris or Rome."

Sorry, bear with us a moment while we pick ourselves up off the floor and wipe hysterical tears away from our eyes.

Why are we laughing? Well consider the very next sentence:

The terminal, due to open in April 2008, has been designed by Lord Rogers, whose other buildings include the Millennium Dome...

See, now you're laughing too.

For all we know the plaza might be a stunning piece of architecture that does indeed "evoke surprise and delight, openness and light like a London square in the summer with fountains, cafes and public exhibitions.” But it will still be an airport.

You can throw as much money as you like at it but in the end there'll still be idiots with wheely suitcases bumping your shins, and screaming, faeces-scented babies, and arguing couples and loud businessmen and crap, overexpensive food.

Last Updated 26 February 2006