From Queer Spank To Browny Helmet Via Godparent Bikers

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From Queer Spank To Browny Helmet Via Godparent Bikers

We have to end the week with another lazy ‘look-e-here, someone’s played around with the Tube map’ post. Last week, the reworked network incorporated famous musicians. This week, somebody with enormous amounts of surplus time on their hands has generated an anagram-laden version.

It’s utterly useless, but, as always with these things, utterly compelling. Several highly appropriate stations leap out. West Hampstead is neatly captured as ‘What Stampedes’, which will ring true with anyone who’s ever attempted to move from Tube to Thameslink there during rush hour. Grange Hill, unable to move on from its image of chaotic comprehensives, becomes ‘raging hell’

The Northern Line seems geared up to Winter Olympic tragedy. We have Warped Skidoo (Woodside Park) and Snowmobile Thud (South Wimbledon).

The Piccadilly line is the place to be if you like tales of animals: Owl News South (Hounslow East), Eel Story (Osterley) and Burst Racoon (Barons Court).

Our favourites have to be the evocative Wifely Stench (West Finchley) and Phantom Larch (Clapham North).

Absolute genius.

So, what’s the most appropriately mangled station? Is Sudbury Town really full of rowdy bus nuts? And is there a monster in Stanmore? Let us know…

Last Updated 10 February 2006