Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • After the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes was reopened yesterday, his family have asked that a High Court judge investigate the shooting.
  • But according to the Met, since July 7 three major terror attacks on London have been foiled and each time the decision to 'use a 'shoot to kill' policy was not taken.
  • The RMT have voted by 884 to 479 to strike next Thursday (March 2). They are sitting down to talk on Monday though and it's hoped that the strike will be averted.
  • Ken's trial throws up another little misdemeanour: apparently the mayor recently used his taxpayer-funded internet site to carry an article "criticising the US government's efforts to oust Hugo Chavez as the president of Venezuela". Ken isn't allowed to use using a publicly-funded forum for political ends, or to comment on issues that don't directly us Londoners. A refund and an apology are in order.
  • And it gets worse: the racing pigeon fraternity are disputing Ken's claims that their birds are a a serious avian-flu threat.
  • A waitress at a 'top London restaurant' has been awarded £124,000 in compensation after she was sexually harassed by a chef.

Last Updated 24 February 2006