Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • A bid battle for the London and Continental Railways company could jeopardise the completion of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.
  • Two aircraft collided at Stansted yesterday morning, but it's not as bad as it sounds: "A First Choice Airbus 321 clipped a parked Ryanair 737 as it was being pushed back in the airport parking area." (Ryanair's week just gets better and better).
  • Kerry Katona has taken a break from shopping at Iceland to help launch 'Pink Ladies', a women only cab service designed to promote safety.
  • The hourly rate for getting your car fixed in London can cost more than some barristers and doctors charge says What Car?. Examples: £140 p/h for a BMW, £440 for a full service on an Audi A4.
  • Chelsea have defended the state of the pitch at Stamford Bridge and claim it won't give them any advantage over Barcelona in their match next week.

Last Updated 17 February 2006