Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • As the Met begin their "swift" probe of the weekend's protests it turns out that the man who dressed up as a suicide bomber is in fact a convicted drug dealer who has been out of jail for less than a year.
  • A British Airways flight heading for Heathrow from Newark, New Jersey was diverted to Boston's Logan International Airport after smoke was reported in the cockpit. It landed safely and there were no injuries.
  • Passengers flying American Airlines into Heathrow will have to pay a $5 fuel surcharge after the airline claimed that the airport's fuel rationing is discriminatory.
  • Some old beef has set a new record at Christie's selling for 7.8 million quid while a Picasso fails to sell at all.
  • Apparently there's more to the Olympics than simply winning medals according to Seb Coe. That's a relief then.
  • And last, but oh so very least: Is David Beckham on his way to Arsenal?

Last Updated 07 February 2006