Croydon's Chippy Plaices Third

By Rob Last edited 155 months ago
Croydon's Chippy Plaices Third

The catchily titled Sea Fish Industry Authority National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Prize has been announced today, and the winner is...Hodgsons Chippy in Lancaster.

The family run business scooped the award for their "customer service and high quality food", and the owners (who met and fell in love over the fryers) were presented with the award by sleb chef Brian Turner at a ceremony in London this week.

But don't fret too much, London can still hold it's head up high in the world of wooden forks and battered sausages, as third place was taken by McDermott's Fish and Chips of Croydon.

Now we can't say we've ever sampled the delights of McDermot's of Croydon, but we can tell you that it's run by Tony McDermott (pictured) and it's located in the Forestdale Centre on Selsdon Park Road and their number is 020 8651 1440 if you want to get more detailed directions to what is now officially the best chippy in the capital (although we're sure there'll be a few arguments about that one).

Alternatively, if Croydon isn't too convenient for you, then why not use Seafood's nifty little online quality chippy locator. Very handy.

Last Updated 01 February 2006