Comeback'o'rama : Welcome Back To Planet Boo

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Comeback'o'rama : Welcome Back To Planet Boo

To tell you the truth we're getting a bit bored of 90s pop reunions. Take That - yes that's quite funny. All Saints - hooray, their 2nd album was fab. East 17 and the Honeyz? No there is no need!

However, we are much more interested however in a few more acts who've taken several members of one band, tweaked it somehow and comeback as a whole new act! That is at least taking a little creativity.

Over the next days, we'll be looking at a few 90s 'entities' we used to love and their comeback vehicle for 2006.


First up and it's Betty Boo, aka Alison Clarkson. Betty Boo had 4 top 30 singles between 1990 and 1992. Not that big an achievement you may think, but she achieved cult status amongst pop fans across the globe who became rather obsessed and even Melody Maker named her a completely faultless goddess. Then everything went quiet for years, until Alison Clarkson's name began appearing on the sleeve notes as songwriters for the likes of Girl Thing, Hear'Say and Girls Aloud.

But now, the Boo is back!


Now before indie snobs start looking away in horror, you might be interested to hear that the person she has collaborated with is non other than Blur's Alex James, and screw you anyway, Betty Boo ruled! Together though, they are Wigwam.

We've been following Popjustice's tidbits of exclusive information on Wigwam for months and months, so it was with quite a lot of excitement that we put the eponymous debut single on for a listen. It takes a listen of two, but once you're hooked, it will take a lot of effort to stop annoying people by singing checking out my boo, boo, boo all day long.


The intro is reminiscent of Blur's Girls and Boys and it bleeps and buzzes it's way through just under 4 minutes of glorious sillyness. The video was filmed a week or so ago around the Soho square area. Directed by Dom Joly & involving giant cats & dogs, we look forward to bringing you some grabs of another London based music video sometime soon.

Let's just say it's a lot better than Hanging Around; and it's out on Instant Karma on March 6! If Radio 1 don't playlist this, we'll go round and give them a slap ourselves.

Last Updated 08 February 2006