Bus Accident Causes Blast Rumours

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Bus Accident Causes Blast Rumours

Reports of a 'bus explosion' this afternoon on Tottenham High Road have been dismissed by the police.

Apparently a bus travelling up the road hit a tree and the impact was enough to take the roof off the bus. The noise, as you can imagine, was pretty loud, and some witnesses mistook it for an explosion.

There were no serious injuries as a result, although the two people who were sat on the top deck probably weren't best pleased by the impromtu remodelling and the bus driver had to be treated for shock.

Channel 4 are reporting that the immediate rummours of 'blast' caused a bit of worry in the City: "sterling fell slightly on the news and futures markets wobbled although the FTSE 100 index was unmoved."

(Previous London buses who've lost their roofs: October, 2005 and December 2002.)

Last Updated 13 February 2006