Blue Moon(lighting)

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Blue Moon(lighting)

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Al Jarreau (sort of):

We'll walk by night, we'll shoot you by day! Moonlighting strangers... who just worked for the met on the way.

Ahh, Maddie and David - slamming doors, getting stuck on top of hot air balloons, miscarrying babies... What. A. Show.

Of course it completely overshadowed 1984's Cover Up to the point that most of you won't remember it at all. Think Remington Steele with a little of The A-Team thrown in. It was all about a female fashion photographer and a male model who were really secret agents that would be flown in to save American nationals in trouble around the world - this usually meant taking time out from fashion shoots that would have done CSI: Miami proud in order to punch bad guys in the face, rescue a damsel in distress and make it back for the Bonnie Tyler credits... We need a HERO...

We remember this so you don't have to. This would be ripe for a big budget remake right about now if one of the cast hadn't shot himself in the head with a blank round*

And the reason we're bringing all this up now? Oh, it turns out that the Met don't pay enough to stop our boys and girls in blue from moonlighting as models and film extras or masseurs. That's right, the next time a chap with a MACHINE GUN stops you from going through the barrier at London Bridge he may well be more concerned with whether he's got to give a bouncy castle hire deposit back rather than if he should be fiddling with the safety catch on his evil-doer-doer-inner.

The Met has not commented on the figures.

Presumably too busy hpnotherapising each other in the holding cells...

* IMDB fact of the week: Jon-Erik Hexum was rushed to the hospital where he was declared brain-dead and on October 18 was taken off life support and his organs were harvested for transplant. (We found out elsewhere that his fans helpfully set up their own inquiry into the shooting incident entitled, we kid you not, He's Not Coming Back)

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