Who Hates Galloway?

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Who Hates Galloway?
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Just a quick post to keep you up-to-date with the growing band of people who are laying into George Galloway for entering the Celebrity Big Brother house when he's actually suposed to be, you know, representing his constituents and all that (plus, any old excuse to print that picture again).

The 'big news' from the Standard is that Tony Blair has joined the growing criticism.

Except he hasn't really. He just got asked "Would you fancy one of your MPs doing that?" To which he replied "No."

With the alternative being "Yes, I'd love it if a party member spent a few weeks locked in a house with Michael Barrymore and that one out the Ordinary Boys" it wasn't exactly what you'd call 'a Paxman moment' for Tony was it?

Labour Minister for London Jim Fitzpatrick has been a bit more vocal though, galling GG a "C-list politician with an A-list ego". Now that's a bit more like it.

On Thursday there's going to be a crucial commons debate on the £500 million Crossrail transport link which will directly affect Bethnal Green and Bow. His Gorgeousness will of course miss this as he'll most likely be taking exercise tuition from Dennis Rodman in the BB gym.

So it's no surprise that George's constituents have been demonstrating outside the Respect party headquarters and the Get Back To Work George website (which we featured in yesterday's Extra, Extra) has been set up to calculate how much George's BB appearance is costing the taxpayer.

And finally of course, Galloway's own house mates don't seem to like him much either. George has been put up for eviction today along with Pete Burns and Jodie Marsh who earlier entered the diary room to call the MP "vile" and "a bitter old man" (he in turn complained about Marsh's "extraordinary stories at the breakfast table, which involve every orifice and every fluid known to man").

In George's defence the Respect party national secretary, John Rees, has told Reuters that Galloway's detractors were "probably his political opponents" and "did not reflect the feelings of his constituents":

"When you're a single Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, you have to represent your constituents in a variety of ways, so George has to be our main media spokesman, our national representative, our international representative and a constituency MP."

What, by slagging off Jodie Marsh?

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