Well, It's Nice Of Them To Admit It

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Well, It's Nice Of Them To Admit It
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George Galloway's spokesman has finally come out and said what everyone else already knew, i.e. going on Big Brother might not have been the best idea.

After the now infamous cat incident late last week it was always going to be difficult for the Respect party to keep up their paper-thin pretence that Galloway's antics were somwhow for the good of the nation.

And sure enough, over the weekend GG's press adviser, Ron McKay, said that the whole thing had turned into a "worst-case scenario".

He said Mr Galloway seemed unhappy in the house and was "withdrawing into himself". Contestants were joined over the weekend by Sir Jimmy Savile on a mission to make some of their dreams come true. Mr Galloway asked to go to the Oscars.

Mr McKay said: "I knew the worst-case scenario would turn out to be something like this."

He added: "George takes advice, but he is not a man that you can tell what to do."

The whole debacle isn't being helped by the fact that Galloway is donating part of his fee for appearing on the show to the charity Interpal, which has twice been investigated by the Charities Commission over links to terrorism (although no links have ever been proven), and is currently the subject of a diplomatic row, with Israel's ambassador to London apparently holding urgent talks with the Treasury some time this week to "demand that action be taken against Interpal."

As for what Galloway's being paid, estimates currently range form £60,000 up to £150,000. Although Galloway's spokesperson has said that he would "refund to taxpayers the amount of his parliamentary salary he has drawn during his stay in the house."

How he's going to do that exactly we're not sure.

Last Updated 16 January 2006