The JCB Wrong

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The JCB Wrong

We'd like to think that whoever it was who used a stolen digger to try and rob the NatWest bank in Princes Risborough in the early hours of this morning, might have been humming the tune to the JCB Song as they went about their 'work'.

Whether the raiders actually got away with any cash is up for dispute, but that's not important (although it made for a great picture). What's good about this story is the reactions of Dee Simmonds (43) and her partner, Garry Morris who live in a flat opposite the bank.

Ms Simmonds said: "We were woken up at 4am because we have a six-month-old baby, Eve, when we heard a kerfuffle as the digger hit."

A kerfuffle? A diiger rammed into the front of a building and you describe it as a kerfuffle? Would you describe a hurricane as 'a stiff breeze', or a tropical storm as 'a slight drizzle'?

"When I heard the noise, I thought it was a pub changing over its barrels." Dee continues.

An obvious mistake we think you'll agree. The sound of beer barrels being changed and the sound of industrial machinery colliding at speed with a brick wall: we get those mixed up all the time.

By the time Dee went to her window to investigate the digger was already in the bank. But even this doesn't seem to have been enough to make Harrow's heaviest sleeper spring into action.

"It must have been in and out within 10-15 minutes....I went to the window at 4.20 - 4.30, and called the police at 4.40."

So that's about 15 minutes of just watching a JCB continually ram into a bank opposite your flat before you decide that calling the police might be a good idea. What did she think they were doing, depositing one of those huge novelty cheques?

Last Updated 19 January 2006